Space for the growth of your business

Silesia Start Up offers you a comfortable and inspiring space, ideal for developing and running your business. Located in a strategic location, our modern office provides easy access to major transportation arteries towards Bielsko-Biała and Katowice. Equipped with all the necessary amenities, including free parking, an elegant reception, and professional service, our office has been designed with your comfort and efficiency in mind.

Choose the solution that suits you best.

Office spaces

Modern offices in the city center

Office workstations

An alternative to remote workers’ home offices

Virtual address

Secure address for your company in a prestigious location

Conference rooms

Professional meeting and training rooms, equipped and ready for any event

Event organization

Spaces for events, workshops, and networking

Space rental

Flexible space rental options from 5m² to 640 m²

Modern office space

Who is coworking intended for?

Freelancers – programmers, graphic designers, copywriters, accountants, marketing specialists.

Small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs – looking for cost savings, but also for a professional workspace.

Remote workers – seeking space to carry out their work duties outside of their homes.

Foreign employeesi – employed by Polish companies.

Are you looking to rent office space in the vicinity of Bielsko-Biała?

Office space for one person or the whole team in an attractive location near Bielsko-Biała is an opportunity to carry out your work duties and focus on business development in optimal conditions without worrying about additional bills for internet, electricity, or other services. Check out the available solutions offered by Silesia StartUp now and see that renting office space doesn’t have to be a costly investment.

Learn more about our office rental offer

in Czechowice-Dziedzice

Get in touch with our advisor, who will gladly tell you about the possibilities that Silesia Start Up space offers. Our offer is not only the opportunity to rent any office space for a convenient period, even for 1 day. It also includes the option to book a conference room or space for industry events, support in organizing events, and a virtual address that will authenticate your business and give it the appropriate prestige. All of this, along with utility costs and a service package at a competitive price.